Serving the Chicago community since 2001, Intelligent Dynamics provides outsourced Web design & development as well as IT support to Chicago area organizations, such as Small Business, Health Care, Education, Creative, Legal, Architecture, Financial, Non-Profit. Our services includes Management of Networks, Computers and Servers, Response Center, Data Backup, Disaster Recovery and Hosting, as well as Development and Optimization.

Outsourced IT support?

Intelligent Dynamics is here to meet the needs of the small and medium size business.  Need to outsource some or all of your IT?  No problem, we have you covered.  Check out our IT Services program, or Click here to request a quote

Need a professional website?

No problem, we can help there.  Our expert developers can help get your site up and running in record time.  Whether you need ColdFusion, PHP, C#, ASP, we’re there to help.
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Is your competition blowing you away on Google?

No problem we have you covered there too, check out our Search Engine Optimization services, or 

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IT Services

Intelligent Dynamics provides IT consulting, network and computer support, and managed IT services in Chicago, IL designed to dramatically reduce or eliminate computer problems. While the value of having a stable and secure IT infrastructure is immeasurable, the cost and complexity of maintaining it can put a significant strain on critical staff and financial resources.

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